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Foto Vorspeise Nem

APPETIZERS fortune rolls, spring rolls (not fried), soup, salad.

fortune rolls nem goi cuon.

fresh spring rolls (not fried) filled with rice, noodles, lettuce, vietnamese herbs along with fish sauce ‘nuoc mam’ & hoisin sauce to dip.

two rolls with smoked salmon, mango & fresh dill 4.20
two rolls with cooked chicken strips 3.70
two rolls with cooked shrimps & chicken strips 4.20
two rolls with fried beef strips & sesame 3.90
two rolls with fried tofu pieces 3.50
two rolls with cream cheese ‘philadelphia', avocado & rocket 3.70
two rolls with crab meat & avocado 3.50

spring rolls

nem ran two crisply fried spring rolls filled with minced pork, egg, glass noodles, vegetables & mushrooms along with sweet'n sour fish sauce. 3.90
nem chay chien three fried vegetarian spring rolls with stew, carrots, kohlrabi & spring onions. along with sweet'n sour sauce. 3.50
banh khoai two fried sweet potato shrimp patties noodles, mushrooms & vegetables. along with rice & ‘nuoc mam’ fish sauce. 4.90
wantan four fried dumplings with minced chicken, shrimps & carrots. along with sweet'n sour fish sauce. 3.50
ga sate two grilled chicken spits with sate peanut sauce. 3.90
tom chien xu three crispy big prawns on salad with mustard dressing. 5.50


sup he shrimp soup with lemongrass, mushrooms & cilantro (sour'n spicy) 3.90
sup dong chicken soup with coconut milk, lemongrass, mushrooms & cilantro (spicy) 3.90
sup mien ga chicken soup with glass noodles, vegetables, morels & cilantro 3.70
canh dau chicken soup & fine tofu pieces, fresh tomatoes, egg, green onions, fish sauce & cilantro 3.80
miso soup soybeans soup with seaweed & fine tofu pieces 3.00


seaweed salad seaweed & sesame 3.70
nom ga xe phay vietnamese chicken salad with green mango, lotus sprouts, cilantro, garlic & peanuts (slightly spicy) 3.90
nom tom cua glass noodle salad with crabmeat, shrimps, onions & fresh herbs (sour'n spicy) 4.70
nom xoai mango salad with crabs, prawns, octopus, peanuts & cilantro 5.50
tofu salat mixed salad with breaded tofu pieces, ginger, peanuts & cilantro (spicy) 3.80


pho the national dish of vietnam.

a great, aromatic rice-stick-noodle soup with cinnamon, anise, cardamon, cilantro, spring onion & soybean sprouts

pho bo ap chao pho with beef 6.90
pho ga pho with chicken 6.90
pho tofu pho with vegetables & fried tofu 6.20


rau xao chay stir-fried mixed vegetables with herbs & rice 7.00
rau xao curry fried tofu with mixed vegetables, mushrooms, red curry sauce with coconut milk & rice 8.90
dau xot ca chua fried tofu pieces in a sauce with fresh tomatoes, cliantro, spring onions & rice 8.90


ga chien gion crispy chicken breast with soybean sprouts, vegetables, pineapple, lemongrass, aromatic herbs & rice (spicy) 8.90
ga curry chicken in curry-coconut milk with stir-fried vegetables, lemongrass, aromatic herbs & rice (spicy) 8.90
ga xao rau chicken with mixed vegetables seared in the wok & rice (spicy) 8.90
ga nau tao xanh sweet'n sour chicken with apple slices, pineapple chunks, raisins & rice (spicy) 8.90
ga xao xa ot chicken with celery, vegetables, curcuma-lemongrass-sauce & rice (spicy) 9.50


bo xao nam beef strips with bamboo, morels, mushrooms, ginger, onions, basil & rice (slightly spicy) 9.50
cary bo beef strips with vegetables in potato-carrot-sauce & rice (slightly spicy) 10.90
bo xao hung beef strips with vegetables, ginger, basil & rice (spicy) 9.50
bo xao suplo beef with broccoli, vegetables & rice (slightly spicy) 9.50
bo xao ot beef with garlic, sambal olek in hoisin sauce & rice 9.50
bo xao hanh xa ot beef with lemongrass, garlic, onions, sesame, peanuts & rice noodles (spicy) 10.90


lon xao mang pork with bamboo sprouts & rice 8.90
lon xao toi tieu pork with vegetables in garlic-pepper-sauce & rice 8.90
lon xao chua ngot sweet'n sour pork with pineapples, vegetables, sweet'n sour pineapple sauce & rice 8.90
lon xao me pork with lemonleaves, onions, vegetables in tamarind-shrimp-sauce & rice (spicy) 9.50
lon xao cary vang pork with lemonleaves, vegetables in yellow curry-coco-sauce & rice (spicy) 9.50


vit chien ron crispy duck with mixed vegetables, in dark sauce & rice 10.50
big serving 14.50
vit chua ngot crispy duck with stir-fried soybean sprouts, sweet'n sour pineapple sauce & rice 10.50
big serving 14.50
vit ron curry crispy duck with vegetables in red curry & rice 10.90
big serving 14.90
vit xao nam crispy duck with bamboo, morels, mu-err mushrooms & rice 10.50
big serving 14.50
vit xao ot duck breast with hot pepper, vegetables in chili- garlic sauce & rice 12.90
vit xao xot lac duck breast with vegetables in peanut-coco- sauce & rice (spicy) 12.90


ca ry ca pangasius filet with mixed vegetables in peanut-curry sauce & rice 10.90
ca thu kho to vietnamese speciality. tuna with ginger, pork belly, green tea, pepper & chili, cooked for 4 hours. along with rice 10.50
tom curry shrimps in red curry with vegetables & rice 13.90
tom xao ot shrimps with vegetables, ginger in lemongrass sauce & rice 13.90
hai san xao seafood with vegetables, hot pepper in chili paste sauce & rice 13.90
muc xao xa fried octopus with celery, vegetables, lemonleaves & rice (spicy) 9.50

fried rice

fried rice with vegetables. onions, carrots, soybeans sprouts & egg 6.00
... & tofu 7.00
... & shrimps 8.00
... & chicken 7.00
... & pork 7.00
... & beef 8.00
... & shrimps, chicken & curry (spicy) 8.90
... & crispy duck 8.90
... & chicken, pork, beef 8.90

fried noodles

rice stick noodles with beef, celery, spring onions, soybean sprouts, egg & asian herbs 8.50
glass noodles with chicken, mixed vegetables, egg & vietnamese herbs 8.50
wheat noodles with vegetables. onions, carotts, leek, soybean sprouts & egg 6.00
... & tofu 7.00
... & shrimps 8.00
... & chicken 7.00
... & pork 7.00
... & beef 8.00
... & shrimps, chicken, curry (spicy) 8.90
... & crispy duck 8.90
... & chicken, pork, beef 8.90


breaded bananas with sesame & honey 3.00
breaded pineapples with sesame & honey 3.00
breaded apples with sesame & honey 3.00
banana pieces cooked in coconut milk 3.50
fried vanilla ice-cream with coconut flakes. along with strawberry sauce 3.90

Our kitchen serves mainly dishes from across Indochina, including specialties such as "pho", the national dish of Vietnam or "goi", fresh-fried spring rolls with delicious fillings.

As we place great emphasis on fresh ingredients, we forgo the addition of flavor enhancers.